Green Giant

In the stall we will represent our cooperative Green Giant, which is made out of family farms (cows, poetry, sheep, vegetables, fruits), who came together to offer to the market (end clients) organic food at affordable prices, so the concept is organic food directly from the farm to your kitchen, without any mediators involved, but also we connected because we have a wish to rise awareness about healthy food issues and healthy soil and environment…

The products that we will bring for selling will be carefully picked up because of hot summer and it will involve:

– Nutella homemade (hazelnuts, melasa, vanilla, raw cocoa)
– Peanut butter (peanuts)
– Coconut spread (coconut butter, vanilla, honey yoghurt)
– Hazelnut spread (hazelnuts)
– Cookies homemade
– fresh juice
– jams and marmalades
– skin care creams