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Humanity’s Forgotten Treasures – Storytelling Performance

29 czerwca @ 21:00 - 22:00

Join Elsa’s performance, exquisite sharing of her own creation, ‘Humanities Forgotten Treasures’. 

Elsa Angelica Canedo Valdes (Italian/Mexican) has a special gift, to humbly embrace and entertain us, holding our attention, like being on a light thermal of air, with her words.


In modern society, Communication Scientist, Local Developer and Applied Anthropologist, are her titles, but inside, she considers herself a Performing Artist and an explorer.


As a storyteller, she creates interactive spaces, bringing us closer to each other through artistic activity, remembering our all-human interconnectedness.


Elsa will draw us in to a magical world – her world, her experience – yet it had a universal flavour to it: The weaving of the story of the ancestors and of life itself. And she also manages to make us laugh!  


About the performance:


In this fast-changing world, it seems we’ve forgotten the ancestral practices that kept community together despite the challenges. 

In Tribal societies, singing, dancing, and telling stories around the fire brought healing and a sense of unity.

To some nowadays, “Art”, seems like an academic discipline, an arena of the elite. 

In a world where so many technologies are replacing the simple fireside gatherings, I wonder if we can revive the practices that once held us together as humanity?

This led me to create this story where we will explore these questions:

What’s cultural heritage?

Why is it important for us as individuals?

How is it important for us as a community? 

Together we’ll find some answers, and hopefully more questions, that might lead us to remember those treasures that make us human.



29 czerwca
21:00 - 22:00
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